April 15, 2014

Seven Years With a Boy.

For the past three or four years we have celebrated Ryan's birthday at the baseball park but with the weather being so unpredictable this year we didn't want to take the chance on losing money for the tickets.  Ryan had been seeing a commercial on the television for Sky Zone which is an indoor trampoline park and he said he really wanted to go...thankfully our daycare person scored us two free tickets through a friend.

He wanted to invite his cousins to go to the park so I worked it out with my sister down for the day and we took the four kids.  It's getting easier and easier for my sister and I to sit and visit now that the kids are getting older, it was really nice.

I loved that they had loud upbeat music playing, it made everyone want to move and groove. I didn't get many pictures because they were taken with my cell phone and the jumping just made them blurry.

{sit still you two so we can take a picture}

Everytime Ryan went to the hoop, he missed the basket until the guy told him he had to jump three times, the first to set your distance from the basket, second to set your height and third to get it in...it worked from there out!!!

When we got home my mom was there waiting for us, Jon picked up a Subway sandwich platter and David made a butter pecan cake.  We told Ryan all week that Sky Zone was expensive so he had to either choose to go there or get a gift, he chose Sky Zone with the understanding he would not get a gift from mom and dad.    Of course we surprised him...he outgrew his old bike last year and his dad ran over it with the Jeep so he was due for a new one.

Mom and Steph brought him gifts, one of them was a "paint your own t-shirt kit" so he drew all his friends names on the front and then made hearts on it...we're hoping that one doesn't make it's way to school and get him beat up.

The candle was a little heavy for the cake and wouldn't stand up so I had to push it all the way to the bottom...it did it's job and the cake was still good!

My sister left mid-afternoon but mom stuck around for a while and ended up taking us to dinner later that night...Ryan was given yet another birthday cake at the restaurant.  My sister sent me a message shortly after they left saying the kids didn't make it too far before conking out in the car, they were whipped from all the jumping!

Sunday afternoon we went to my in-laws for birthday dinner and cake, we are still keeping Ryan away from the high fructose corn syrup and red dye so the only cake I could find pre-made in a store was a Boston Creme Pie.  #butiaintmad

Thankfully the weather was a little better so they could get out and ride their bikes for a while and play catch in the yard.  Even after all the partying we did over the weekend, he still made it to opening day with his dad later in the week, so they boy didn't miss out on a thing. 

I can't believe it's been seven years already, tonight I sang "you are my sunshine" to him just like I did when I rocked him as a little baby, but now he knows all the words and sings along.


River said...

Happy Birthday Ryan!

It seems like only yesterday we were saying the same last year.

Amy said...

Happy Late Birthday to Ryan. I would have picked the trampoline place too. That place looks pretty fun! See you soon!

Alissa said...

Awww, that very last sentence gave me a little eye ping (kinda like a tear but not full on). :)

Looks like a fun place!!

Sara said...

1. I can't believe Ryan is 7 already. Holy hell. 2. I want to go to a trampoline place! This just makes me feel like I live in a wasteland because we have nothing like this at all.