March 30, 2014

Celebrating with Cake.

I reserved a room at a local tavern to celebrate Jon and Jason's (another guy on the fire department) graduation from EMT school.  Since September they have both been sitting in class for four hours two nights per week and Saturday's too...honestly I thought somebody should be throwing ME a party for picking up all the extra slack around the house but whatever.

I ordered a cake from a local cake shop and it turned out pretty awesome, oddly it came in MY two favorite flavors, chocolate and peanut butter!  Imagine my surprise.

{yes he chose to wear that shirt ~ #neverbeentohawaii}

It seems like I never see my sister or my cousin Cyrinda so I spent most of my time visiting with them and trying to resist eating six more pieces of cake.

Our kids came along for dinner, they ran around playing with their cousins until about 8:00 when my mom took them back to our house so we could stay out a little while without them.

{they thought they were cool bellied up to the bar}

No night could be complete without taking a few hundred selfies of randomness.  Here was my sister, cousin and I trying to get just the right angle to reduce our hereditary extra skin under the jawline.

The turnout for the party was great, I really appreciate everyone coming out to acknowledge Jon and Jason's accomplishment...and it gave everyone a reason to get together for food, drinks and a few laughs too.


River said...

Awesome cake! So glad it turned out well; have you seen the messes at
Congratulations to Jon and Jason.

Amy said...

Looks like you had a great turnout for your party. Congrats to Jon for all his hard work. Congrats to Jen for picking up all his slack. Love you both!