November 11, 2013

The Great Pumpkin.

For my birthday I met my dad and his girlfriend at a pumpkin patch about an hour away from home, one that I knew the kids were going to love.  Since it was supposed to be a really nice sunshine filled October day, we planned to meet for breakfast and head in early to beat the crowds.

This pumpkin patch/apple orchard has a viewing area where you can watch them bring in apples and squish them down into cider which the kids had so many questions about...what kid doesn't have a hundred questions, right?  We got donuts and cider, took a wagon ride out into the pumpkin patch and then let the kids play in a little play area for a while (for some reason I cannot find any of my camera photos so I only have what was on my cell phone which totally upsets me).

Back at home the kids were chomping at the bit to carve into their pumpkins for a week before I finally said yes.  With Jon being at school three nights a week I try to plan fun things for us to do as a family but this one just didn't work out.  I ended up letting them draw on faces and start scooping the guts out back with neighbor kids.

They thought that was great for approximately six minutes and then guess who got to finish cleaning the damn pumpkins?  I got the old "call us when it's time to cut the faces out".

I waited until the neighbor kids were called home for dinner so Ryan and Haylee could focus on their pumpkins, Ryan wanted so bad to try and cut his own face out so I decided to let him.  The whole time I was saying "slower...slower...slower..." and he did a great job.  He was so happy I trusted him to do it.

Haylee on the other hand preferred to bark out orders such as "square eyes, big round nose, one tooth" so I did all the carving and we were both perfectly happy with that.

I did have to step in when it came to some fancy work on Ryan's pumpkin, he wanted to carve his school letters on the side of the face which wasn't exactly easy but I pulled it off.

{2013 Pumpkins ~ sadly David didn't want to partake this year}

A few weeks went by and we lit our pumpkins every night on the porch for people to see, thankfully they didn't get smashed like they had the previous two years.  The week of Halloween the weatherman was calling for a stormy night and I was bummed, the kids so look forward to Trick-or-Treating!  Making sure mother nature didn't ruin my opportunity to get a picture in their costumes, I dressed them up the night before and took a picture just in case!

{Sheriff Haylee and Fireman Ryan}

On Halloween morning I took Ryan to school so I could watch his parade and he was so excited, even more so when he saw that very few parents were there but his was one of them.  They did their morning work while we waited for the parade, he was called to the board and showed his skills which was cute.

The only sad part about the trip to his school was seeing the kids who didn't have costumes to wear, three in his class alone.  I felt so bad and of course wanted to get one for each of them, one of the girls I know even stayed in the classroom while everyone else paraded.  

Because we don't really know many people in our neighborhood we typically head over to my in-law's house so the kids can show off their costumes there.  The neighborhood is much cushier than ours and I think we decided this year we will never go anywhere else in years to come. Since there were very few kids, people gave out candy bars at every single house!

It was sprinkling a little but we had umbrellas and we let them have about an hour's worth of fun so they were happy campers.  Mom on the other hand wasn't so happy because she couldn't keep her mits off that chocolate for the next whole week!


River said...

Ryan did a great job on his pumpkin! Haylee will be doing her own soon enough I guess, then all you'll have to do is sit back and make sure there are plenty of treats for handing out.