November 04, 2013

Sunday Funday.


We generally do something as a family every Sunday after church, especially with Jon being gone three nights a week for the fire department and EMT courses we just need a day to reconnect.  Don't get me wrong though it's not always happy happy joy joy, usually sometimes the kids do nothing but fight all day and we just pray for the sun to go down so we can go back to work Monday morning but our intentions are good.

We have a farm not too far from our house where you can go to get donuts and cider, then they have an area where all the kids can play for free, so for the cost of your snacks you can sit there for hours if you want to.  We kept wondering which weekend would be the last "nice weekend" before winter finally settled in so a few weeks ago we drove over to this farm and sat on a bench while the kids enjoyed themselves for a while.

{except for the quarters they needed for goat food}

I wondered why my kids were of very few playing in the corn silos, they spent quite a bit of time in there swimming around having a good old time!  As you can see below, somebody obviously didn't read the sign that said "No Throwing Corn"...poor little girl didn't even see it coming.

This is what they looked like when they came out covered in corn dust...eeeewwwww!

We let them ride the little cow train on our way out and headed home for an afternoon bath!

Our time together is limited so we do our best to make memories together when we can, a lot of people make jokes about how we spend our Saturday nights and our Sunday afternoons but honestly we wouldn't have it any other way.


River said...

Haylee's had a haircut!
She looks so lovely. The farm looks like a fun day.