March 03, 2015

Hakuna Matata

A few months back I went online to order our annual Disney on Ice tickets so I text my almost 15 year old son David asking if he wanted me to buy him a ticket and he responded with "yyyyeeeeessssss!"  I totally wasn't expecting that response, it's a show geared for the little ones but I was extremely excited that we would all be going together for one more year at least.
Unfortunately after I purchased I realized it was the same show they presented two years ago so I knew it was going to be a drag for Jon and I, but the kids didn't mind and really we're only going for them anyway.

Last year Jon wasn't working so we didn't have any intention of buying tickets but at the last minute we were given five free tickets from somebody who couldn't use them.  When we got there the kids were told they would not be able to buy food/souvenirs because it's so expensive.  They agreed but once inside they saw everyone else getting cotton candy and light up wands which gave them sad faces.  This year the first thing Ryan asked when we got tickets was "since dad is working now, can we get a souvenir at the show?" so I caved and promised them each one thing.

The show didn't keep Ryan's interest this year, David was checking the time on his phone every 1/2 hour and Jon actually fell asleep.  Let's be real...this show ended up being for Haylee.  She got the Little Mermaid dress beforehand and was all excited to get fixed up, she got popcorn and a snow cone while we were there and she loved every minute of it.  The rest of us could probably never attend again and not bat an eye over it.

They do put on a great show though, if you haven't already seen it before. I wish I had realized before hitting the "buy" button that we had been there and done that just two years ago. 

Either way, it was a nice Saturday afternoon for the five of us; albeit expensive as all get out but it might have just been our last.

March 02, 2015

I Deleted It. And Then Restored It.

This is what happens to me every month, I get my period and I get crazy thoughts about doing something...I can credit everything I've ever done on a whim to my cycle.  Two nights ago I decided (in the night) that I was going to delete my blog so I got yesterday morning and hit the button.

Today I got a call from my aunt saying "why is your blog gone?"  I haven't posted much of anything in over a year and the weight of that hangs over my head.  I've lost my groove in a lot of areas in my life...and I'm finding it very hard to get them back, however much I want to.

When I told Jon tonight that it was gone he had a melt down about how I've deleted four years worth of family stories, I knew I had fourteen days to go back so here I am, restored.

I want to post stories, I have so many of them...I just have to set aside the time each night to do it instead of hitting the pillow at nine o'clock.

Trying to get my mojo back,

January 23, 2015

Fright Night

When we returned from my birthday trip to Klackle's the kids wanted to cut their pumpkins, waiting a few weeks wasn't an option so we headed back to my in-laws house to carve, everyone had their own ideas and wanted to dig in.

Although he started his own carving like a big boy, Ryan finally broke down and asked for help so he didn't ruin his creation, Nonna didn't mind stepping in to help out the little boy who parades around her house in his underwear.

{she gets it honest}

Before we left my mother-in-law brought out a box of old Halloween costumes she has worn over the years and the kids had fun playing dress up.  I made the kids take a picture with their pumpkins, we took them home and as we predicted they turned to soup before the big day.

I signed up to bring a treat and attend both parties on Halloween Day at the school but once Haylee knew I was dressing up she started getting a little leery of me coming to her classroom.  She asked "what if you are the only mom in a costume?" to which I replied who cares but obviously she didn't want to be embarrassed. Halloween morning she looked at me in my 80's garb and acted like she was going to cry so I told her that I would NOT come to her room, I would watch the parade and then go to Ryan's room but she said she wanted me to be at her party.

I went to the school and found a spot where I would be able to watch them both come through during the parade and even though there were plenty of other mom's dressed up for Halloween this is what my daughter looked like when she passed me by.

Shielding her face as if to say you are dead to me right now.

Back in the comfort of her classroom, she opened up to me a little bit but still acted a little like she wanted to die because I was her mother.  When we were doing crafts at her table two other moms knelt down next to their daughters but I sat in an extra chair at the table until she whispered "mom get on your knees like them!"

I was "allowed" to stay long enough to see her do all of the crafts but in the spirit of saving her five year old reputation I hit the door and headed back to work.

Although it was bitterly cold Halloween night I insisted that our entire family trick-or-treat together. David really wanted to go with his friends so I agreed to drop him there if he would go with us for one hour.  He's going to be fifteen this year and already choosing to do less with family and more with friends which is good but I will still take every opportunity I can to bring us all together.

A successful Halloween, one of my favorite holidays of the year!