January 23, 2015

Fright Night

When we returned from my birthday trip to Klackle's the kids wanted to cut their pumpkins, waiting a few weeks wasn't an option so we headed back to my in-laws house to carve, everyone had their own ideas and wanted to dig in.

Although he started his own carving like a big boy, Ryan finally broke down and asked for help so he didn't ruin his creation, Nonna didn't mind stepping in to help out the little boy who parades around her house in his underwear.

{she gets it honest}

Before we left my mother-in-law brought out a box of old Halloween costumes she has worn over the years and the kids had fun playing dress up.  I made the kids take a picture with their pumpkins, we took them home and as we predicted they turned to soup before the big day.

I signed up to bring a treat and attend both parties on Halloween Day at the school but once Haylee knew I was dressing up she started getting a little leery of me coming to her classroom.  She asked "what if you are the only mom in a costume?" to which I replied who cares but obviously she didn't want to be embarrassed. Halloween morning she looked at me in my 80's garb and acted like she was going to cry so I told her that I would NOT come to her room, I would watch the parade and then go to Ryan's room but she said she wanted me to be at her party.

I went to the school and found a spot where I would be able to watch them both come through during the parade and even though there were plenty of other mom's dressed up for Halloween this is what my daughter looked like when she passed me by.

Shielding her face as if to say you are dead to me right now.

Back in the comfort of her classroom, she opened up to me a little bit but still acted a little like she wanted to die because I was her mother.  When we were doing crafts at her table two other moms knelt down next to their daughters but I sat in an extra chair at the table until she whispered "mom get on your knees like them!"

I was "allowed" to stay long enough to see her do all of the crafts but in the spirit of saving her five year old reputation I hit the door and headed back to work.

Although it was bitterly cold Halloween night I insisted that our entire family trick-or-treat together. David really wanted to go with his friends so I agreed to drop him there if he would go with us for one hour.  He's going to be fifteen this year and already choosing to do less with family and more with friends which is good but I will still take every opportunity I can to bring us all together.

A successful Halloween, one of my favorite holidays of the year!

December 28, 2014

Birthday Wishes

Over the holidays I was chastised by the family for neglecting my blog again, because we don't live near each other sometimes my blog is the only way for them to know what's going on in our lives.  Big changes happened for us this year and I guess I just didn't have much I felt like posting.

Jon lost his job in January and although we were confident he would find another one quickly, things didn't go as planned.  He ended up taking a few part time jobs which got us by but needless to say we struggled and didn't do much in the way of extra curriculars this year.  My partner in crime at work left the company and financially my gym membership wasn't a priority so without a buddy in my buddy system I also let myself go...of the seventy pounds I had lost, twenty of them found their way back and I haven't been able to get my head back in the game.

I am happy to say that as of this month Jon is back to work full time and I'm trying my hardest to get myself back in a "healthier me" mindset for January 1, I felt so good about myself one year ago and I want to feel like that again.  I reinstated my gym membership, I'm pinning all my goals/challenges on Pinterest for the upcoming year and I'm going to do my best to not recreate any part of 2014.

So back to October of this year, I told Jon there was no need for him to buy me a birthday gift but I wanted to spend the birthday money I received from his parents by taking them and the kids to Klackle's Orchard for apples and pumpkins.

The good Lord was looking down on us that Sunday afternoon because the weather was perfect, the most perfect fall day you could ever imagine, I still think back to how beautiful it was.  It was around sixty eight degrees with sunshine and a bright blue sky.

I took the boys picture while we were standing in line for tickets, smooth lookin' in their shades.  It's rare to get the two of them this close together because Ryan does his best to irritate his big brother whenever possible.

The first thing we did was take the kids through the corn maze, because it was the end of the season we weren't expecting to see many trees still in color but there was one huge orange one off in the distance which looked perfect against the blue skies.

We took the stairs to the top of the lookout so we could get a picture of the corn field with the red and orange colored tree in the background.  The tree didn't make the cut, but the photo of the three kids together turned out cute anyway!

Next up was the BMX racing track which had tons of bikes for the kids to ride, they started off from a ramp and rode an obstacle course.  At first Ryan was the only one brave enough to do it but after seeing the fun he was having my mother-in-law hopped on a bike which inspired my "too cool" teenager to get one and then finally Haylee rode caboose.


The nice thing about this place is that you pay $9.00 per person (actually my mother-in-law paid $9.00 per person so I could keep my birthday money, thankyouverymuch) and everything inside is included along with a 1/4 peck of apples.

{all red faced from the biking}

The kids fed the animals at the petting zoo, I couldn't get Jon to let a goat eat a pellet from his lips like he did a few years ago when we were there...I guess he thinks he's getting too old for that?

{random picture with a donkey}

We took the wagon ride out to the apple orchard last so we wouldn't have to carry our apples around, everyone had their own bag filling strategy, Haylee's was to eat as much as she could along the way to fit room for more.

We took one family photo in the apple orchard, looking back I wish we had taken our sunglasses off but then again I'm thankful the sun was shining so brightly that we needed them.

On our way out the kids rode the carousel with the tokens each of us received while David and I went inside to get donuts, cider and pumpkins.  When it was all said and done, I think we spent three hours there and was an absolutely perfect birthday gift.

Mmmmmm, donuts.

October 05, 2014


Something happened overnight in our household, at least over the summer anyway.  David has done a three sixty on us and morphed from a boy into a man.  He has been very "all about himself" since last year when he became an official teenager and we've been trying our hardest to break him of it but...let's just say there is more work to be done and we're thankful we saved the girl for last.

So last Sunday he showed up at his brother's little league game and we talked about girls at school and the upcoming dance for homecoming, he said that a senior in his French class had asked him but he politely declined.   His grandmother and I continued to drill him and he was pretty adamant there was nobody he was interested in, even if we were willing to buy the tickets and clothes.

That was Sunday afternoon...

 {fourteen going on twenty four}

On Monday at noon I got a text from David saying "I guess we need to go shopping for those clothes."  So I commence with crazy texting fingers trying to get information out of him, I'm stalking this girl online and I'm calling his dad and grandma frantically to tell them...he's got a date!"

Once the ball started rolling it didn't stop, he needed to get clothes that very evening because he had tennis matches the next two nights.  In a two hour window after his tennis match and haircut on Monday night Nonna was able to take him to the mall for a pretty sweet outfit, one that she probably spent way too much on but I think she was excited too.

Jon took him the ticket money on Tuesday morning and inquired about how he ended asked his date  to the dance and I'm thinking he had some help with this one.  He had somebody from the office open her locker, put some tennis balls inside with a note that said "I finally got the balls to ask you to homecoming, will you go with me?"  Now I'm not saying David is an angel but he's pretty proper and never swears so using the word "balls" like that would be totally out of character for him...but in any case, I loved it!

I spent the next few days sad faced because David was pretty serious when he said he did not want us to come to the place where their group of eight was having pictures taken.  He actually said "you four (meaning Jon and I along with his mom and step dad) will embarrass me...my mom will worry about everything and ask too many questions and you will probably cry."  One of the fathers is a photographer so David assured us that the guy would e-mail us some pictures.

{David and Olivia ~ his doubles partner from tennis last year}

Thankfully I'm married to a man who will not take no for an answer when it comes to a fourteen year old boy.  Although I didn't want to embarrass David, Jon knew how much I wanted to be there for pictures so he took his mom (how could David ever be mad when his grandma is there) and they showed up at the country club where all the kids were planning to have dinner.  There were lots of parents taking pictures so Jon blended right in and David was fine with it.

{David and his friend Gavin}

When I texted David the next morning for deets I found out he was dancing which surprised me and he even danced one slow song with Olivia.  He hugged her goodbye at the end of the night which was plenty after the fun filled night he had with his first date. 

Even thought I wasn't there to see him off, I know I had a hand in getting him there.  After all the fuss he made in the days leading up to the dance however, my mother-in-law and I agreed that maybe we should keep our noses out of it next time!