September 12, 2014

My Baby Goes to Kindergarten.

Everyone tells you that the time flies by so quickly but it's hard to put into perspective when you are raising a baby and a toddler.  In the moment it seemed like time was standing still but now that my baby is getting on the bus to be carted off to school I can't believe it's real.

So this year I have a second grader and a kindergartener, I have to say it was much harder to send her off than it was him.  Ryan has always felt...a little less fragile than Haylee.  She is very na├»ve and sensitive, she's shy around new people and is generally a follower, not a leader.

Thankfully she gets on the bus just one driveway from our house with the neighbor kids she has known since birth so we were able to at least send her off with some familiar faces.  The first few days seemed to go well but mid-week she was melting down over the littlest things.

On the first day of school we circled lunches on the calendar that she and her brother wanted and on the other days, they would pack a sandwich from home.  On Wednesday I said "tomorrow is pizza day" which she acknowledged but when we laid down for bed that night she started crying and saying she wanted to pack her lunch.  When I dug deeper she didn't want to stand in the lunch line and ask for lunch, she was also scared they wouldn't give her any.  So I laid there and let her cry...I guess she has just been letting her anxiety build all week.

In the morning she stood in the kitchen and although she wasn't crying she had tears just dropping from her eyes so Jon made sure to get a lunch packed and now we won't ask again until she's ready.

She seems to be doing better this week, the one thing that keeps her going in the morning is getting to carry her Hello Kitty lunchbox and backpack...they are like her super powers!  It's not just pretending to play school anymore, it's the real deal.

{meeting her teacher and classmates}
I love that in the second week she still hasn't fixed the e's in her name, every day her paper comes home with them backwards and for now it's cute. The teacher says that this early in the year they do not correct them as long as they have the right idea. 

September 08, 2014

My Little Rising Star.

For the past few years Haylee has had to sit through baseball, football and basketball games while her brother played so finally we decided it was her turn to do something and she wanted nothing to do with t-ball...that's for boys, as if!

Truth be told the baseball for Ryan has always been free because Jon coaches, football and basketball were somewhere around $35 per season so it was affordable but gymnastics...not affordable! So a big thank you to her grandma for pushing us to sign her up and funding it on her behalf.

{these pics are from the spring session}
You can see from the picture, she was much happier on her second visit because she had a leotard like all the other girls whereas in the first class she had to wear a t-shirt and leggings, she was giddy and truly adorable.
Haylee has never been coordinated and I don't think we knew how badly she needed a class like this until we saw how it changed her.  It's been a joke with everyone who knows her that she can't chew gum and walk at the same time but only a few classes in and she was walking across a balance beam picking up little bean bags along the way! 

{doing a bridge}

{working those abs}

We did a six week class and then took the summer off.  The facility was going to be moving and we didn't want to commit to weekend activities because of our cottage.  Last week the new and much improved gymnastics center opened up and now it is right around the corner from our house so we will have no problem getting there on a school night.

The little girl next door signed up too so it was cute to watch them learn together, Haylee was a good listener and took her time doing all the stations as the instructor taught them to do, she remembered how to point her toes along the balance beam and do her little hands up tada on dismount.

Being Addie's first class she was flying around the stations trying to get each one done quickly and appalling her mother as she cheated her way through. I have a feeling we will see a different Addie this week if her mom has anything to say about it!  If not, I will just cross my fingers that Haylee doesn't play follow the leader with her.

August 23, 2014

Cleaning Up the Hood.

{delivering a shed on a pontoon trailer}

A few months ago a new neighbor moved in next door to us at the cottage and thankfully so because our old neighbor was a whack job who didn't allow anyone to walk on his lawn...and I like walking on people's lawns.  Everyone on our street has been like family, helping and sharing when needed but the family that just left never fit in.

Our new neighbors are close to us in age and have similar personalities so it was a fit from the git.  Kris owns a tree trimming business so one of his first projects was cutting down all of the older dead trees and then on last weekend's to-do he wanted to get rid of an older rotted shed on the corner of his property so Jon and my uncle Warren pitched in.

When the moved the shed, they found snakes.  And how I've walked by that shed for the past seven years unscathed is beyond me.  Let's just say if anyone would have tried to touch me with it I would have grabbed the closest tree branch and shoved it straight into my jugular.

The boys were having such a good time bonding over the soil, I believe it may have had something to do with the Busch Light because somewhere around mid-afternoon they headed to town for another dirty thirty.  I will have to say they were quite entertaining with their air guitar rakes and shovels.

I decided to step in and order some pizzas because the kids were hungry and the boys needed to soak up some of the alcohol in their bellies.  When I got ready to leave Kris said to take his super cool golf cart, of course Whitney and I were all over it and pretty much selfied all the way around the lake.

As the day turned into night the boys decided they better rip out the neighbors dead bushes as long as they had a tractor (the neighbors don't live there and the house is up for sale so hopefully they don't mind).  Yes that is Jon in the background photo bombing by hanging himself with a chain.

Give three guys a couple cases of beer and they will clean up the whole block!

And burn it down.

No matter how much beer it took...our neighborhood looks so much better as a result.